Hi there. My name is Lorena, and I have a bachelor in Advertising. I work as a social media and copywriter since 2015. I love creating relevant content for brands and customers I work with. I believe that reaching the target audience is very important, especially if done in a humane and assertive way.

I have worked with clients in many areas, from restaurants to construction stores. And I have experience with agencies too, all my professional life in advertising was within one! And with that, I've experienced many areas, even though I was always focused on copywriting. So I have experience with planning, customer service, Google Adwords and Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Ads. Oh, I also love stationery, especially for events. I've done wedding invitations (including mine!), graduation invitations, birthday invitations and so on.


I also teach English, so you can trust me to be fluent in the language. And I can speak intermediate Italian. I love learning languages. I am currently taking French classes.

Among my favorite hobbies reading is the first one. It's a habit and a passion that has been with me since childhood. And because I enjoy reading, starting to write was natural for me. You can read some of my texts here on the blog. (only in Portuguese for now!)

I'm part of UFU Games, a partnership of the Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU) with an indie game development studio, Gilp. I joined a game jam about periods, which resulted in a little game on the subject. (you can play it in Portuguese and English)